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Wer tötete Roger Grimes?

Grimes and Punishment – Episode 212

Alexis wartet in ihrem Zimmer im Carlton auf einen Anruf von Cray aus Natumbe. Adam erzählt von seinem Streit mit Blake. Die gesamte Szene wurde entfernt.
Adam: "A man who knocks his son down a flight of stairs isn't exactly trying to score a field goal."
Alexis: "Darling, I'm sorry he hurt you but I'm glad you're here with me now. (Am Telefon:) What? You're sure? ... Hmmm, thank you very much. – Damn! Why hasn't he called?"
Adam: "Mother, I have already told you. Communications are down in Natumbe, there's a guerrilla uprising or something over there."
Alexis: "He should have struck eight hours ago. Do you think something's happened?"
Adam: "Happened to whom? The operation or Cray Boyd? I haven't noticed you trying to reach Dex."
Alexis: "I faxed him I was arriving."
Adam: "But you haven't called him."
Alexis: "Ah, he knows I'm here, he should call me. Adam, I do not want to hear any more this, do you understand? What I want to hear is that telephone ring!"
Adam: "But the question is, whose voice do you want to hear at the other end? Mr. Dexter's or Mr. Boyd's?"
Statt einer Antwort lächelt Alexis Adam vielsagend an.

Adam und Alexis gehen die Treppe zur Empfangshalle des Carlton-Hotels hinunter. Unten treffen sie auf Sable. Die gesamte Szene wurde entfernt.

Adam: "Mother, I know you're upset."
Alexis: "Of course I'm upset. The attack should have taken place over 24 hours ago."
Adam: "Cray will call, maybe he's still can't get through."
Alexis: "What about Dex? I suppose he can't get through either."
Adam: "I have my own ideas where he might be."
Sable: "I thought I noticed an oil-slick on the carpet. Hello, Adam?"
Adam: "It got dirty when you flew in from Los Angeles, hallo Sable. – Excuse me, I've got a phone call to make."
Adam lässt Alexis mit Sable zurück.
Sable: "I saw your ad. You don't know when to stop, do you?"
Alexis: "Yes I do. When I hear the thump-thump-thump that tells me I've driven over something hard and empty like your head."
Sable: "What a very stupid thing to do. Especially considering the response you're going to get."
Alexis: "You mean witnesses to a brutal murder."
Sable: "No I mean witnesses to your brutal adultery. There must be somebody who can remember you had more than one opportunity to push a bed spring through his heart."
Alexis: "It wasn't Roger's heart that killed him. It was a man without a heart. Blake Carrington."
Sable: "Blake didn't kill Roger but whoever did, did him a favour I'm sure that the bottom of the lake was warmer than your bed."
Alexis: "And I'm sure that you wouldn't even care if Blake killed Freckles the Clown."
Sable: "Haha, but he didn't"
Alexis: "No, he didn't because you're still alive. And so yearning to be taken care of. What a pity that Blake isn't interested in it."
Sable: "Alexis, if you don't stop, you are going to lose in ways that you cannot imagine. – Don't say I didn't warn you."
Alexis: "I am grateful for the warning, cousin. But you are not going to be getting any from me. Just some very bad news."
Sable: "What is that supposed to mean?"
Alexis: "Mh? I don't want to spoil a great surprise."