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A Touch of Collins

The Story of a show-business dynasty – Joe Collins

Columbus Books Ltd., London

Copyright 1986

ISBN 0-86287-308-8

240 Seiten
To Joan and Jackie Collins, household names the world over with reputations as "queen of erotica", and "bitch goddess" respectively, Joe Collins is simply Dad. He has spent his entire working life in Show business, as a theatrical agent and entrepreneur, but even he could never have predicted the enormous fame that his daughters would achieve in their respective fields. He thinks his girls have done all right for themselves – but Jackie's novels are a bit spicy for him, so he doesn't read them, and he's a Crossroads, not a Dynasty, addict.

A Touch of Collins is a warm-hearted family Saga by a man of the world whose address book surely reads like a Who's Who of Show business.