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The Dynasty Years

Hollywood Television and Critical Media Studies – Jostein Gripsrud

Routledge London & New York

Copyright 1995

316 Seiten

ISBN 0-415-08598-5
In a groundbreaking and richly sourced study, Jostein Gripsrud investigates the life and times of the ultimate soap, how it was made, how it came to international television screens and how it was received by its audiences. Through his discussion of Dynasty, Gripsrud offers a critique of many central positions in media studies, including notions of "audience resistance" and the "sovereign" audience and its freedom in meaning-making, arguing against uncritical celebrations of the soap opera genre in much contemporary media criticism.

Jostein Gripsrud is Professor in the Department of Media Studies, University of Bergen, Norway. His articles have appeared in numerous journals including Screen, Cultural Studies and Critical Studies in Mass Communication.