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Tankers, Cadavers to Chance – Episode 207

Adam geht ins Carlton, um Alexis zu berichten, wie es um ihre Tanker steht. Sie treffen sich in der Hotelhalle. Kurz darauf kommt Sable herein. Die gesamte Szene wurde entfernt.
Alexis: "Adam, I'm so glad I caught you. Did you get to the minister yet?"
Adam: "Yes. The moment I brought up the ships, he bent my ear with a discourse on poverty in Natumbe and how poorly he is paid."
Alexis: "Poorly paid? That idiot could have bought five houses on the Riviera for the fines that I've paid him."
Adam: "I'm not sure that satisfied him."
Alexis: "Hamilton Stone should have that idiot under control by now. Damn it! Now, the auction is in two hours. Can you get to Hamilton Stone? I'm sick of all this red tape, Adam!"
Sable: "Take that up to my suite would you Charles?"
Alexis: "Oh, my God, don't tell me you're still here. I thought you were just a temporary infestation."
Sable: "Well, Alexis, I see you survived Africa. It's a dangerous place for most animals, but no problem for you of course."
Alexis: "The sable's an animal too, you know, from the rodent family."
Sable: "Mmh, speaking of the rodent family… how are you Adam? Come to visit mummy? Hope you're not trying to climb out onto the weakest limb of the family tree – especially when it's about to fall on the ground."
Adam: "I won't have my mother insulted."
Alexis: "Don't worry, darling, I'll deal with this gutter snipe. You go and make those calls. – Well obviously you miss your own family so much, that you have to interfere with mine."
Sable: "This from the woman who's trying to rally her own children against their own father."
Alexis: "You had your little moment of glory, when you weaselled this hotel out of me. And that's the last thing of mine that you're ever going to get your grasping little claws on."
Sable: "You may be surprised."
Alexis: "Everything that belongs to me is in its rightful and proper place."
Sable: "I am very happy for you. But I thought I made myself clear that this hotel was just an appetizer."
Alexis: Uhn, what's the main course? Dex or Blake? I understand you've been chasing both of them since I left, although you didn't get very far with Dex, did you?"
Sable: "Jetlag has apparently dimmed your bulb more than usual, Alexis."
Alexis: "What a pity that Krystle's still alive, that does cramp you style rather. Maybe you send one of your henchmen to Switzerland and pull the plug on her."
Sable: "I don't know another soul on earth, that would make a remark as low as that."
Alexis: "Only you, cousin dear, only you."
Sable: "I care for Blake as a close friend. And if you choose to go after him with this sordid murder accusation, I personally will pull the plug on you."
Alexis: "That I'd like to see."
Sable: "But hang on to you chair, deary, because when I do you'll certainly have a ringside seat."