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Sieben Tage Frist - Schnittbericht

Reunions in Singapore - Episode 53

Kirby fährt mit Adam nach Colorado Springs zu einem Geschäftstermin. Währenddessen ist Jeff im Carrington-Haus und kümmert sich um seinen Sohn. Das Gespräch mit Krystle, die ins Kinderzimmer kommt, um nach Danny zu schauen, wurde vollständig aus der deutschen Version entfernt.

Jeff: “Hi there, little fella. Ooh. You got a frown tonight. What’s the matter? Do you miss Kirby? Well, I’ll let you in on something. Between us guys, so do I. Mm, she’s pretty, isn’t she? - You bet she is.”
Krystle: “Well, as it should be. A father having a man-to-man talk with his son. I came up to check on Danny.”
Jeff: “Okay. - Krystle. I remember one evening, uh, you and me, in here, talking about first love and recovery. Do you remember?”
Krystle: “Yes, I remember.”
Jeff: “And I told you I’d just about reached rock bottom with Fallon, and I didn’t wanna hear what you had to say about loving more than one person in a lifetime.”
Krystle: “Jeff, are you trying to tell me you’ve found someone else?”
Jeff: “Just that you’re a very wise lady. And what wise ladies tell you, you should listen to and believe.”