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The Downstairs Bride - Episode 55

Im Carrington-Haus stellt Krystle Adam in der Bibliothek zur Rede. Sie findet es nicht richtig, wie er sich Steven gegenüber verhalten hat. Nachdem sie gegangen ist, beobachtet Adam Jeff und Kirby im Zimmer nebenan. Jeff lehnt ab, mit Kirby, die Fallon nicht täglich begegnen möchte, in ein anderes Haus zu ziehen. Nachdem Jeff gegangen ist, geht Adam zu Kirby. Die gesamte Szene wurde aus der deutschen Version entfernt.

Adam: “I heard the news. You and Jeff.”
Kirby: “And felicitations?”
Adam: “A-haha! You are so dumb. You are so dumb, Mrs. Colby. `Mrs. Colby´. Is that a first?”
Kirby: “No, Mr. Carrington, a bellboy in Reno beat you to it.”
Adam: “Don’t walk away from me, Kirby. And don’t try and walk away from the truth. You married Jeff Colby for his money, and for his name. And you aren’t fooling anybody. Especially not me. You see, we are cut from the same calico cloth. Now, I know we each have to climb these gilt-edged walls in our separate fashions. But why did you choose him?”

Kirby: “When I could have had you?”
Adam: “Oh, we had a night, that night.”
Kirby: “That night was a mistake. I still get sick when I remember that night.”
Adam: “Do you really?”
Kirby: “Now get your hand off me. And I forbid you ever to touch me again.”
Adam: “Forbid? Spoken like a true mistress of the manse, Kirby, well done. And so quickly too. But you’ll be back with me. Married or not. You and I aren’t finished.”