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Rückkehr in die Vergangenheit

Blasts from the Past – Episode 217

Sable geht im Carlton an der Balustrade entlang mit einem Handwerker, der sie vor dem morschen Geländer warnt. Nachdem sie einen Streit zwischen Adam und Debbie beobachtet hat, befragt sie Debbie zu den Fotos, die von Jeff und Monica erschienen sind. Die gesamte Szene wurde entfernt.
Handwerker: "There's a fair amount of dry rot Mrs. Colby. The floor and the gym's pretty broken up and some of these banisters and railings are a problem."
Sable: "Just replace anything you'll have to. The insurance people are coming in a week and I want this place to have a clean feel of health."
Handwerker: "Yes, Ma'm."
Sable hört von der Treppe, wie unten Adam und Debbie, die Fotografin, flüsternd über Fotos streiten. Adam geht in die Bar.
Sable: "Debbie!"
Debbie: "Yes, Mrs. Colby."
Sable: "The argument you're just having with Adam Carrington, that wouldn't have had to do with some pictures that appeared in a very sleazy publication, would it? Pictures of my daughter with Jeff Colby."
Debbie: "Mrs. Colby, I ha…
Sable: "Tell me the truth, Debbie."
Debbie: "Yes. But I wasn't the one who doctored them. Adam asked me to take those pictures and then he bought the whole roll. When I saw their faces and that scandal… Gee, I wanted to wring his neck."
Sable: "Yes, I can understand that. Thank you, Debbie."

Blake besucht Sammy Jo auf Delta Rho, um mehr über Fallons Albträume zu erfahren. Die gesamte Szene wurde entfernt.
Sammy Jo: "Blake, why are you suddenly so concerned about Fallon's dreams? I mean, she tried to tell you about them."
Blake: "Yes, and I wouldn't listen, but now I need to know. She's told you about them, I know that."
Sammy Jo: "Let's see, for a while when she fell asleep, Grimes would come to her… uhn… like a lover."
Blake: "And there was no one else in the dreams? I mean, not… not Alexis, she wasn't in it?"
Sammy Jo: "Oh, yes, Alexis started appearing and that's when the dreams started getting frightening."
Blake: "Why frightening? What did she do in the dreams? Tell me about it."
Sammy Jo: "I don't know. Fallon wasn't clear, but she felt that something terrible happened between Alexis and Grimes."
Blake: "What? Does she remember anything? Now, tell me please, it's vital."
Sammy Jo: "I don't know. I don't think Fallon really knows either. And she is blocking it out. In her dreams she would always run away before anything happen. She's with her grandfather."
Blake: "My father?"
Sammy Jo: "Yes. She would start screaming and… the last dream… the last dream was the worst one. Grimes told her, that she had to find the person who murdered him… and kill him. It's just nightmares, isn't it? I mean Fallon's always had a weird imagination."
Blake: "Yes, yes I'm sure that's what it is."