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Past Imperfect

An Autobiography – Joan Collins

The Berkley Publishing Group, New York

Copyright 1978/1984/1985

ISBN 0-425-07786-1

326 Seiten
DYNASTY's Alexis Carrington Colby Dexter is even more glamorous and passionate in real life... as Joan Collins.

Wild, warm and wonderfully sexy, here is the most scandalous readable book of the year. DYNASTY's fabulous Joan Collins tells all about her passionate flirtations and stormy affairs with stars like Warren Beatty ("He never stops: it must be those vitamins") and Ryan O'Neal (A girl deserves the best on her birthday, and he was"). She tells all about her famous marriages and her dazzling career, from London's hottest starlet to the sensational superstar of DYNASTY, the biggest TV hit ever!


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