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Linda Evans

bei CNN Larry King, 15. März 2004

King: How'd you like working with him?

Evans: With Rock?

King: Yes.

Evans: I had worked with him before on "McMillan and Wife."

King: Oh, you guest shot?

Evans: I did a guest shot years and years before, and a kind of interesting thing with Rock that I felt was he's a prankster, and when the director was coming in to do the scene, we were in a box car. We were in a train. And he said, "Let's play a joke on him. When he comes in, let's be in a passionate kiss." I said, "OK." So the director walked in, and he threw me down on the couch and he gave me this passionate kiss. And the director laughed, and everybody was laughing about -- about the joke. And so when we did "Dynasty" and they asked him to have this big romantic moment with me and be passionate, and he kissed me, he just kissed me like this. And I thought, "That's funny. I mean, last time I kissed him, he was just this passionate kind of Rock Hudson guy." And I thought, "OK."
They saw the dailies, and they came back a couple weeks later, and they said, "We'd like to do that scene over, and we'd like you to be more passionate." I said, "I can't be more passionate, because I'm the one who's just laying there on the ground. He has to be." They explained it to him. We do it again. He does the same thing. He did it because he knew he had AIDS. And because over the years we were such good friends. And I'd -- you know, whenever I'd be at a party or anything, I'd sit and we'd talk together and everything. He was trying to protect me in his own way. And people were just so upset, they said, "Why? Aren't you mad at him for doing that to you?" And I knew he was trying to protect me.

King: What a story. Did the scene run?

Evans: Yes, the scene ran. But they never felt it was what they wanted from it.

King: You knew he was gay?

Evans: Yes. Sure. Sure. No, I knew he was gay. I just didn't know he had AIDS.

King: You ever talk to him about it?
Evans: Gay?

King: Yes. Did he ever talk about it?

Evans: No. Because the thing about Rock was so great is when he was with you, he always made you feel like he was just a man that could flirt with you and be with you. He didn't -- he was just this kind of a man-woman thing, that he would do.

King: Was he popular on the set?

Evans: Very popular. Yes.

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