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Linda Evans

bei CNN Larry King, 15. März 2004

King: Were there a lot of conflicts on that set? There were always stories. People not getting along with other -- in the tabloids.

Evans: OK. No.

King: Ms. Collins?

Evans: Joan is Joan. Joan is Joan. But we actually got along really well together. Really well. As a matter of fact, I knew Joan before "Dynasty." She used to come over to Malibu when I was married to Stan. And she used to come to my house. And we were both rather excited for each other that we were two older women that somebody gave, you know, a good shot. You know, and that we could be glamorous and do what we were doing.
Evans: OK. "Dynasty." Well, I was looking very much for a career. My second marriage to Stan Herman had ended, and I wanted very much to be independent, not take alimony from him, be on my own, do the right thing.

King: Didn't Angie Dickinson turn down a role?

Evans: She told me later. Nobody ever told me that.

King: She turned down your role?

Evans: Yes. Thank God. Love her for it.

King: I think she regards it as a mistake.

Evans: Well, I'm sorry, Angie. I really needed that job.
King: Did you know "Dynasty" would be a hit?

Evans: Yes. I loved the characters. I mean, I read the script, and I just thought it was a gift from God. I was so excited, because the people were so intriguing to me and they were so interesting. And you know, the original "Dynasty" pilot we shot with George Peppard. He was Blake Carrington.

King: In the Forsythe role?

Evans: Yes. And then George and the network decided that he wasn't going to do it. And that's when John Forsythe stepped in, which was just really, was the best thing that ever could have happened to that show. Because firstly, he's an amazing actor. And he got involved not only in his character but in making sure his character -- and I got involved in making sure my character -- set a certain path of not fooling around, cheating, being, you know -- we just, we stuck together on the show and demanded that we were the love lasting forever and we were the one thing on the show that was pure. And even though they kept trying to have me go off, you know, with different people and have him seduced by somebody, we said, "Couldn't America have one couple that just sticks together?"
King: That never happened? You never...?

Evans: No, we never cheated on -- that's what the Rock Hudson character was about. They brought in Ali McGraw and Rock Hudson because they wanted us both to have affairs. They built it up to where -- it was, like, year five or something. And they were running out of things for us to do. So they were going to introduce these people. We were going to have these affairs. And we both agreed we wouldn't do it. So then they had to write that we would just have these moments that would look like we were going to have an affair. That's why they had the big moment with the kiss with Rock, where I fell of the horse and I'm so vulnerable, and he comes down and, you know, "Is she going to?" And we just said, "No, we're not."