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Linda Evans

The first Biography of 'Krystle' Star of DYNASTY – Michael Freedland

Weidenfeld and Nicolson, LOndon

Copyright 1986

ISBN 0-297-78959-7

128 Seiten
Linda Evans is not just the star of Dynasty, the world's most famous television soap-opera, but is also an actress of repute. She first made her name playing Barbara Stanwyck's daughter in the long-running television series The Big Valley, and later went an to star opposite Steve McQueen in Tom Horn, a film of the Great American West. Linda's fascinating career in Hollywood is now chronicled in this first biographie.
Some say Linda's private life mirrors that of Krystle Carrington, and she has also had her share of regrets, disappointments and traumas.
Michael Freedland has talked to many of the people to whom Linda Evans is closest, and researched his book in Europe and the United States. He has written a fascinating study of this glamorous, wealthy and complex star.