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Krystle kehrt zurück

She's back – Episode 199

Krystle zeigt Blake die Orte, wo sie als Kind gespielt hat. In einer verfallenen Hütte findet sie ihre alte Spieluhr, und sie tanzen. Das Ende der Szene fehlt.

Blake: "You know something? We could take this home with us."
Krystle: "The shed?"
Blake: "Mmmh, for Krystina. We could dismantle it and then put it up out at the lake. – You go out there often, don't you?"
Krystle: "The lake? It's been a while."
Blake: "Really? You mean you haven't been out there recently?"
Krystle: "No, not for months."
Blake: "You sure?"
Krystle: "Of course."
Die Spieluhr hört auf zu spielen.
Krystle: "It's a long time ago. I can't take this home."
Blake: "You're right, darling. This house belongs to another little girl."
Krystle: "I love you so much."

Dex vertritt Alexis während ihrer Abwesenheit. Als er an ihrem Schreibtisch sitzt, kommt Fallon herein. Sie gesamte Szene wurde entfernt.

Fallon: "Mother! You've changed."
Dex: "You're up early."
Fallon: "Couldn't sleep."
Dex: "Neither could your mother. She just called from Africa."
Fallon: "Really?"
Dex: "Well, why don't you just sit down and help me save the company."
Fallon rückt die Figur hinter Dex gerade.
Dex: "Mmmh, much better."
Fallon: "Actually, when I look at you, there is a resemblance. Only thing missing is one of those nasty little dogs mother loves so much."
Dex: "Fallon, pull up a chair before your hormones explode and tell me what's wrong."
Fallon: "Oh god, Dex, I feel so useless."
Dex: "Ahh, maybe you are?"
Fallon: "Oh, shut up! – Mother doesn't need my help, father doesn't want it, Jeff's off playing house somewhere with Goldilocks and I'm… nowhere."
Dex: "Then do something about it."
Fallon: "Like what?"
Dex: "Have you thought about becoming a shepherd?"
Fallon: "I am allergic to wool."
Dex: "Uhm, well, then, it's hopeless."
Fallon: "Ahh, and then there's this cop who's been investing the murder down at the lake. He keeps calling, asking me stupid questions."
Dex: "Yeah, that's what cops do."
Fallon: "Yeah, I guess so. It's just… this cop…"
Dex: "…isn't asking the right questions."
Fallon: "You've been sitting in mother's chair too long."
Dex: (singend) "I know what you need."
Fallon: "Oh yeah? What's that?"
Dex: "Cup full of sundae?"
Fallon: "Oh, you think that's gonna solve my problems?"
Dex: "Well, at least get your mind working in the right direction."
Fallon: "Right, and get my body going to fat and my complexion to hell."
Dex: "Oh, come on! You don't want a hot fudge sundae?"
Fallon: "Of course I do! Let's go! Come on!"