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Joan Collins

The Unauthorized Biography - Jeff Rovin

Bantam Books, Inc. New York

Copyright 1984

ISBN 0-553-17163-1

230 Seiten
Long before "Dynasty", Joan's own life could have been a sizzling series.
Her passionate sexuality. Her driving career ambition. Her years of being exploited in some of Hollywood's most lurid "B" movies. Her three disastrous marriages and why they failed. Her torrid yet short-lived love affairs with the entertainment world's most desirable men – including Harry Belafonte, Warren Beatty and Ryan O'Neal. Her amazing professional comeback as the sensuous, bitchy Alexis Carrington.

Here is Joan Collins as you have never seen her before.
Vulnerable and romantic enough to destroy herself over and over again in the name of love. Courageous enough to ultimately triumph over her numerous personal and professional heartbreaks. A fabulous superstar, determined to become, against all odds, the most scintillating celebrity phenomenon of her time.
Joan Collins: The Unauthorized Biography