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Jeff zwischen zwei Feuern - Schnittbericht

A Touch of Sable – Episode 198

Die Szene im Fesselballon wurde um einige Sätze und Einstellungen gekürzt.

Alexis bewundert andächtig die Landschaft.
Alexis: "Aah, great Lord!"
Dex lässt die Flamme auflodern, um Alexis einen Schrecken einzujagen.
Alexis: "You're really enjoying this, aren't you? You rat!"

Blake und Virginia sitzen nachts am Küchentisch und reden über Krystle. Der Beginn der Szene wurde entfernt.

Virginia: "I remember one time when she and my sisters dressed for the senior prom. She was up all night. Made sure every stitch, every thing was perfect. It was beautiful. – Would you like some more tea?"
Blake: "No, thank you."
Virginia: "Until I went and spilled sour dressing all down in front of it. So I had to go out and buy another dress. Krystle… she wasn't too happy with me for a few days."
Blake: "I imagine not."
Beide lachen.
Blake: "You know, I was raised to think that the most important thing in life for me was to battle my way to the top of whatever mountain I chose and do my damnedest to stay there… until I met Krystle. A couple of years ago on our anniversary we went to Cape Cod. And it was this very stormy night. We walked down to the beach. And there was a lighthouse that stood out… light flashing… and the sea was awful. Huge white caps and waves pounding on the beach. And way off in the distance at the horizon… just barely make it out… was a large freighter. And I remember thinking: I am that ship out there… and this Lady beside me… she's my lighthouse. Don't ever take her away from me, as I'll be lost. I can't tell you how much she means to me."
Virginia: "You already have."

Die Kuss-Szene von Alexis und Dex im Hotel wurde um einige Sekunden gekürzt.

Hamilton ist allein in seinem Hotelzimmer , bevor Sable ihn besuchen kommt.
Als Sable ihn verlässt, geht sie durchs Zimmer und dreht sich an der Tür noch einmal um.

Sable: "Stay very please in touch."

Virginia macht für Blake ein Bett auf dem Sofa.

Virginia: "Are you sure you gonna be comfortable on the couch?"
Blake: "Oh, yes, thank you very much."
Virginia: "When do you plan to get back to Denver?"
Blake: "I don't know. There's this doctor in Los Angeles. I'm hoping to get Krystle to him as soon as possible. Beyond that… I just don't know."
Virginia: "I'll let you get some sleep. Good night."
Blake: "Good night."