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Die 100-Dollar-Scheidung - Schnittbericht

Mark - Episode 41

Nach dem Telefonat zwischen Alexis und Mark in New York, gibt es seine Szene, in der Blake und Adam miteinander telefonieren. Der Anfang der Szene, wie ein Friseur Blake in seinem Büro die Haare schneidet, wurde aus der deutschen Version entfernt. Sie beginnt sofort mit dem Gespräch zwischen Blake und Adam.

Ed: “So I said to my daughter: ‘You know, you look like you’re going to have triplets.‘“
Blake: “That would make you three times as happy, woudn’t it, Ed?”
Ed: “Oh, sure. Except I’d have to spring for three times as many presents. You know, birthdays, Christmas…”
Blake: “All right, Barbara, I’ve been through these. Now, make sure that Morrison gets that report. Make sure he sends it out to our field people in Brisas immediately. – (Zu Ed:) That’s fine. Thank you very much. – (Zu Barbara:) As for this, you tell Burke and his staff that I need more explicit information from research and Development before I can sign anything.”
Barbara: Will do, Mr. Carrington.” (Sprechanlage summt.) Yes? (Zu Blake:) Um,Marcia has Adam Carrington on line 1 for you.”

Blake: “Oh, good. – (Zu Ed:) There you are, Ed.”
Ed: “Oh, thank you, Mr. Carrington.”
Blake: “My best to your family.”
Ed: “Sure thing.”

Blake holt Adam in einem roten Sportwagen ab. Sie fahren zum Lunch ins La Mirage. Der Anfang ihres Gespräch am Restauranttisch, bis zu dem Moment, in dem Fallon auftaucht, wurde aus der deutschen Version entfernt.
Adam: “Well, let’s put it this way. I was politically oriented in Montana.
Blake:” I was a young political animal myself once. Politically ambitious I mean. Thought about running for Congress, just for starters.”
Adam: “Why didn’t you pursue it?”
Blake: “Well, for one thing, your mother didn’t think that Washington would suit her. Too humid, she said. Probably was afraid of what it might do to her beautiful skin.”
Adam: “Well, she does have beautiful skin. What’s wrong with that?”
Blake: “Nothing. Just making a joke.”
Adam: “Like Jeff’s.”
Blake: “What?”
Adam: “His skin. It’s almost too perfect. Too pretty, wouldn’t you say? I mean, for a man.”
Blake: “Well, he is very much a man, I assure you.”
Adam: “I know that. It was my turn to make a joke.”