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Die Heimkehr des verlorenen Sohnes - Schnittbericht

The Siblings - Episode 40

Alexis besucht Fallon im La Mirada und berichtet von ihren Plänen, nach New York zu fliegen. Anschließend gibt es eine Szene mit Blake und Krystle im Carrington-Haus, die vollständig aus der deutschen Version entfernt wurde.

Blake: “Darling, I’m leaving. I’ll phone you from the office later.“
Krystle: “All right. - Blake.”
Blake: “Yes?”
Krystle: “You know, you still haven’t invited the boy to our home.”
Blake: “Yes, I know. Are you trying to tell me that I’m dragging my feet on this one?”
Krystle: “Yes, and that’s not like you. What is it? Is it because he’s working for Alexis now?”
Blake: “Yes, partly.”
Krystle: “What’s the other part? Is it Adam himself?”
Blake: “Adam. You can say that name so easily.”

Krystle: “And you can’t. - What are you thinking, Blake? What do you feel in your heart for him right now in this very moment?”
Blake: “I feel I still have some doubts. I don’t know, maybe… Maybe Fallons instincts are right about him.”
Krystle: “Forget about Fallon,. What do you think? Why don’t you invite him over for dinner? Tonight? Get to know him. We’ve had hundreds of strangers in this house. This one could be your son. Am I wrong about that?”
Blake: “No. No, you’re right. And I’ll admit that. How did I ever manage to get along without you?”