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Flucht nach Haiti - Schnittbericht

Two Flights to Haiti - Episode 50

Fallon will nach Haiti fliegen, um sich von Jeff scheiden zu lassen. Nachdem sie sich von Krystle, Little Blake und Kirby verabschiedet hat, fährt sie ins La Mirage, um mit Mark zu sprechen. Mark trainiert auf dem Tennisplatz. Die gesamte Szene wurde aus der deutschen Version entfernt.

Mark: “Hi. How are you? ”
Fallon: “I’m terrific. I just came by to thank you for helping me to be terrific, not to mention saving my life.”
Mark: “Yeah, what the hell was wrong with him?”
Fallon: “I don’t know and I don’t care anymore.”
Mark: “Well, I care about my boss. I mean, after all, she’s the one who signs the paychecks. I’m really sorry about it, Fallon.”
Fallon: “Oh, don’t be. Besides, I’m the one who should be sorry that you got involved with my dirty linen. Anyway, I’m going to Haiti to get it all straightened out. So that’s that.”
Mark: “Fallon, maybe you should…”
Fallon: “Mark, Whatever you’re gonna say, forget it. I’ve heard it all before. Now, to business. I know I’m leaving my place in good hands, especially since you’re gonna be here. You’re going to be handling the charity matches next week. ”
Mark: “Yeah, of course.”
Fallon: “I’ll be back in time for the main event. So, if you need me for anything, the desk knows my hotel in Port-au-Prince.”
Mark: “Okay. Don’t worry about a thing. Have a safe trip… What’s wrong, Fallon?” (Mark entdeckt die Würgemale an Fallons Hals.) Terrific. I should have killed him instead of just throwing him out.”
Fallon: “Thanks, Mark.”