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Fast wie ein Sohn

The Son also Rises – Episode 211

Sable und Dex gehen um den See spazieren, in dem die Leiche von Roger Grimes gefunden wurde. Das Ende der Szene fehlt.
Sable: "What do you suppose is gonna happen when Alexis comes back from Europe?"
Dex: "Cause of you and me?"
Sable: "I was thinking of the murder case."
Dex: "I hope she'll back off."
Sable: "Why should she?"
Dex: "Because I asked her to."
Sable: "Dex, let's play a little game of What If."
Dex: "What if?"
Sable: "What if. Now we know that you and Blake have a deep dark secret that you want to remain hidden. What if Alexis wants to get at that secret?"
Dex: "What if she has no idea that it exists."
Sable: "Okay, what if she doesn't. But what if in her desire to avenge her lover's death, she gets others to dig it out."
Dex: "Right."
Sable: "And what if I had a way to stop her. With a… lets call it a hammer, not let's call it a very large hatchet."
Dex: "To do what with?"
Sable: "To hold it over her scraggy neck and chop it off if she doesn't back out."
Dex: "Well, I don't know if I want to hear any more. I don't know if you realize I still care for Alexis."
Sable: "I do."
Dex: "I don't want to see her hurt in any way."
Sable: "I understand that but what if she forces the situation. What if she pushes for an inquest, mh? Wouldn't you want to do everything in your power to stop her?"
Dex: "Yes, if I'd have to."
Sable: "So where would you stand? With Alexis under the hatchet or with me and Blake?"
Dex: "Well, I think Blake ain't sure you two are on the same side."
Sable: "He will be. He has to."
Dex: "Sable, this hatchet of yours it wouldn't have to do anything with Fritz Heath?"
Sable: "Why on earth do you say that?"
Dex: "Because of the gun you left at my place was registered to him."
Sable: "You had it checked out!"
Dex: "I am concerned about you. Is that the hatchet, Fritz Heath and whatever wonderful information he gave you about ColbyCo?"
Sable: "What if it were? And what if I could use the information to stop Alexis from attacking Blake. Would you support me? – Tough decision for you, isn't it?"
Dex: "Yeah!"
Sable: "Yeah."

Auf Delta Rho sehen Jeff und Fallon, wie Tanner und Sammy Jo flirten. Das Ende der Szene fehlt, als sie zum Wagen gehen.
Fallon: "What am I hearing? You're not jealous?"
Jeff: "Of Sammy Jo?"
Fallon: "No, of Godzilla! – Of course Sammy Jo."
Jeff: "You wanna know something? I see Sammy Jo and him together… I care, I really do, but… when I see you and Zorelli together… that hurts."