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Enthüllte Pläne

Virginia Reels – Episode 209

Fallon hat die Nacht in Zorellis Apartment geschlafen. Er macht Frühstück und sie streiten. Das Ende der Szene, wie sie sich küssen, fehlt.
Fallon: "Come here! Come here."
Zorelli: "Oh, you're making me crazy, know that?"

Sable sucht Fritz Heath im Spielcasino auf. Der Anfang der Szene, wie er spielt und das Ende, wie er seine Chips einstreicht, fehlen.

Tanner streitet mit Mr. Stanley, dem Administrator des Krankenhauses, vor einem Krankenzimmer. Sammy Jo kommt ihm zur Hilfe. Die gesamte Szene wurde entfernt.
Mr. Stanley: "You are not going in!"
Tanner: "One of my kid's in there!"
Mr. Stanley: "Oh, Jeff!"
Ein Sicherheitsbeamter hält Tanner auf. Tanner ruft durch die Tür.
Tanner: "Don't tell them anything, Elizabeth! – Keep your hands off me! – You have no right to interrogate the child! You promised me my kids would have anonymity here; you said No Reports!"
Mr. Stanley: "It wasn't us. Somebody must have talked to the child and she gave them some kind of information."
Tanner: "Oh, never, she's too smart for that. Stanley, by night every one of my kids will freak out and split."
Mr. Stanley: "I'm sorry."
Tanner: "Sorry. You will be. Because when the next one dies I'll bring 'em in here and you tell 'em how sorry you are."
Sammy Jo geht zufällig über den Krankenhausflur und hört und sieht alles mit an. Sie mischt sich ein.
Sammy Jo: "Tanner, what's going on?"
Tanner: "Somebody identified Elizabeth."
Sammy Jo: "Identified her?"
Tanner: "Yeah, they are trying to send her back to her parents. Nice folks who enjoy beating her senseless."
Sammy Jo: "Oh, my God!"
Tanner: "Yes, and tomorrow she'll back in the streets to do drugs. Or maybe she just slits her wrists. She has tried to kill herself twice."
Sammy Jo: "That's not right!"
Mr. Stanley: "Mrs. Carrington, please, the hospital has to follow regulations. There has been a suicide attempt, drug usage."
Tanner: "All we need is 24 hour, Mr. Stanley to get a court order of temporary custody. Now if my other kids find out I couldn't protect Elizabeth… you know what that means? I am the last stop before hell."
Sammy Jo: "Mr. Stanley, maybe we could…
Mr. Stanley: "Mrs. Carrington… please… the hospital.."
Sammy Jo: "He's only asking for 24 hours."
Mr. Stanley: "Believe me, I wish I could do something. But the hospital...
Sammy Jo: "The hospital is here to help people. That's why my family has always been so generous and endowing it."
Mr. Stanley: "Mrs. Carrington, you don't understand the delicacy of the situation."
Sammy Jo: "Yes, I do. And I know that you are a very competent administrator. And you will help us with this young girl. Won't you?"
Mr. Stanley: "24 hours. But that's all."
Sammy Jo: "Thank you, Mr. Stanley. I'm very grateful."
Sammy Jo geht in ihr Zimmer zurück, Tanner blickt bewundernd hinterher.