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Dynasty: Behind the Scenes (Seite 32 von 34)

Aaron: "For the first time in 25 years I don't have a show on the air."
Esther: "You know what I regret the most? I used to get bags of mail from women all over the country. People who stood by us for almost a decade. And to end it with a cliff hanger? Blake bleeding to death on the floor. Dex and Alexis crashing off the balconies. It's insanity… and disrespectful. I feel like I let them down."
Aaron: "So, why don't we set it right? End it properly. A final reunion show. We'll bring the whole cast back and tie up all the loose ends."
ABC: "We are not interested!"
Esther und Richard: "We are not going over the top in any way – creatively or financially. All we're talking about is tying up all the loose ends and giving something back to our audience who stuck by us through all the craziness."

Blake: "Are you happy, Steven? Do you love each other?"
Steven: "Yes!"
Blake: "Then I'm happy for you. If the way I feel about Krystle is the way you feel about Bart."
Glücklich blicken die Crew-Mitglieder sich bei diesen Worten an.