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Dynasty: Behind the Scenes (Seite 28 von 34)

Joan hat genug von Peter Holm und wirft ihn hinaus, während die 150. Episode gefeiert wird.

Zu wenige Zuschauer sehen die Colbys. ABC hat Geldprobleme, das Management wird ausgewechselt. Man meint, die Zeiten ändern sich und will sich auch nicht mehr auf Aaron Spellings Produktionen verlassen – der diese Undankbarkeit gar nicht verstehen kann.

Esther will die Zuschauer mit einer ganz besonderen Geschichte zurückgewinnen – aber John Forsythe ist dagegen.
John: "Well, perhaps I've read one too many of these and I'm going a little ropey. But does it say, that I am remarried to Alexis?"

Esther: "Just listen John. Blake suffers from amnesia. Now, in his delusional state he actually believes that it's 1965. This way he can live happily with Alexis while at the same not be unfaithful to Krystle."

John: "Look, maybe this hasn't dawned on you yet, but this ship is sinking. Somewhere along the way, maybe it was with the clothing line or Moldavia or the maniacal pursuit of toppling
Dallas or the disaster that was the Colbys but somewhere, Esther, somewhere we have lost total respect for our audience. An audience that has been very good to us. Look, I know it doesn't have to be Shakespeare, but this… this is complete insanity. Now, I will my do my part as a professional actor and play the character which ever way you decide. But my request is this: Let us go down with a little dignity."

Esther: "John, we're not going down!"