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Dynasty: Behind the Scenes (Seite 15 von 34)

Endlich: Die Zuschauerzahlen steigen.

Aber Al ist mit der Entwicklung seiner Rolle unzufrieden.
Al to Esther:
"When I took this job on, I was under the impression that we're going to do something significant with Steven. Something that's gonna have an impact on the way that America views gay people. Hey, I'm not gay, but correct me, if I'm wrong. Is homosexuality a disease that can be cured by a blonde bimbo in Daisy Duke shorts?"
"You're absolutely right, but the network wants to go in a different direction and judging from the audience response – I can't say I disagree. People love your relationship with Sammy Jo. Is that so terrible?"

"Is that all this is? You find out what they are hungry for and you feed it to them? What about what's good for them? What about social change through art? This is a non-negotiable issue for me."
Linda to Al:
"Ooh, Al... you're in an oil rig explosion!"
"Who the hell is that?
What happened to the gay guy?