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Dynasty: Behind the Scenes (Seite 14 von 34)

Esther diskutiert mit Nolan Miller über seine Kostümentwürfe.

"Oh, I love this one, But are the shoulder pads gonna be that big? She'll look like a line backer!"

"This is the eighties. Trust me, Esther. Shoulder pads are going to be huge!"

"Uhm, okay, you're the genius."
Die Quoten steigen, aber Dallas hat immer noch mehr Zuschauer. ABC verlangt von Esther etwas Schockierendes – etwas, das Dallas sich nicht zu träumen wage.

"First we had a pillow fight, now this: Female mud wrestling! Believe it or not, there are some lines even I won't cross!"
"I know, Joan, you are absolutely right. But the network has asked us to come up with something that's just gonna grab the audience's attention."

"What, and you think two women rolling around in the mud is going to do that?"
TV: "Get your hands off me!" - Lou: "Go, get her!"
TV: "Aaaaah!! Ooohhh!!" - Lou: "That's what I'm talking about, right there, darling."