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Dynasty: Behind the Scenes (Seite 10 von 34)

Während der Dreharbeiten diskutieren die Arbeiter im Studio:
"What do you think?" - "Kind of campy. Who knows? Maybe it'll be a hit."

Al wird in der Maske zu seiner Rolle als Steven Carrington interviewt:
Interviewer: "How does it feel to be the first openly gay character on a prime time drama series?"
Al: "This is a chance to have a real impact on the way that America views gay people. My dream is that somewhere in middle America a working class guy named Lou comes home after a hard day at work. He watches the program. And maybe, just maybe, he'll think differently about two men being together."

"Dad, you're not listening to me. We're not just friends. Bart is my lover."

"What are you talking about, Steven?"

"Look at me, Dad. I'm gay."
Lou: "What's this crap?"
Lou's wife: "It's the new show on ABC."
Lou: "Country's falling apart!"