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HIS Video, 1985

Dynastud - Your passport to a dynasty of pleasures.
Enter into the secret life of super-rich super-stud Steven Harrington, and discover a sweat soaked world of lavish delights. Nothing is taboo in the world of the filthy rich, and Steve does it all - with everyone from the hung stable boy to the Dallas businessman who proves that everything in Texas is indeed big.
Darsteller: Christopher Lance, Julian Adams, Joel Curry, Mark Miller, Chris Burns, Rick Donovan, Melchor, Jeff Bentley
Regie: Scott Hansen - His Video, 1985, 75 Minuten

Klicken Sie auf die Abbildungen der DVD-Ausgabe (2002), um die Vorder- und Rückseite größer im eigenen Fenster anzuzeigen.

Dynastud 2 - Powerhouse

First there was Dynastud. Now history repeats itself with Dynastud 2. In this sizzling sequel, "Steven Carrington" sinks his fortune into a movie studio, and produces a string of unforgettable male epics. Steven goes over the top as he leaves no sexual stone unturned in his quest to make the ultimate flick... and ends up in a futuristic finale unlike anything you've ever witnessed. The legend continues.

Darsteller: Blade Thompson, Bruce Spalding, Clint Benedict, Jason Storm, Karl Redford, Mark Brandon, Rick Berlin, Rick Donovan, Sal Antonio, Scott Davis, Tanner Reeves, Tim Barnett, Tony Brandon
Regie: Scott Hansen - His Video Gold, 1994, 83 Minuten
Dynastud 3

Darsteller: Matt Bradshaw, Paul Carrigan, Austin, Alexi Ferrara, Bruce McHews, Chris Ramsey, Doug Forbes, Clay Maverick, Rick Estephan, Damian Ford, Tony Franco
Regie: Brian Boxer - His Video Gold, 1996, 112 Minuten

Dynastud 3 knüpft nur noch an den Namen an, hat aber keinen Bezug zur Serie oder seinen Vorgängern.