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Die Sünden der Väter

Sins of the Father – Episode 213

Monica ist nach Denver gezogen und spricht mit Sable in ihrem Zimmer.
Sable: "Isn't it wonderful, how Alexis's husbands come back to haunt her? Where do we stand legally? What's our next move?"
Monica: "I'd say we have a very strong case. Just give me the Go-Ahead and I'll initiate the law suit."
Sable: "Ooohh! - Oh, thank you Angela. Would you go downstairs and take my mail, please?"
Angela: "Certainly!"
Angela geht hinaus und Blake kommt von beiden unbemerkt ins Zimmer.
Sable: "It is funny. I remember this tall, skinny tomboy of a daughter who swore to eat worms if I made her wore braces. How on earth did you turn into this magnificent young woman with very straight teeth who initiates law suits?"
Blake klopft an die Wand, beide drehen sich um.
Sable: "Blake!"
Blake: "Good morning."
Sable: "Oh, come in. You remember my daughter Monica?"
Blake: "Yes, yes, of course, hello Monica!"
Monica: "Hi, Blake. I was so sorry to hear about Krystle."
Blake: "Thank you. Jeff tells me, that you're gonna be working here in Denver."
Monica: "Yes, for the time being anyway. Ah, speaking of Jeff, that reminds me, I have a very important meeting. Bye."
Sable: "Bye, darling, call me later."
Monica: "Okay!"
Monica geht hinaus, Blake und Sable setzen sich auf das Sofa.
Sable: "You have to forgive me, I'm a very proud mother, but… she is very special."
Blake: "Yes, you and Jason have every reason to be proud of her."
Sable: "Would you like some coffee?"
Blake: "No, thank you very much. I suppose you're wondering what brings me here. Dex came by to see me last night and we talked about you."
Sable: "Ah! Ahm, should I be flattered or concerned?"
Blake: "Oh no, no, he likes you very much."
Sable: "Oh, that's very nice to hear… but we don't really know each other all that well."
Blake: "You know that's interesting. I don't think that you knew Krystle all that well either, but both she and Dex admire and trust you very much."
Sable: "But you know how I feel about Krystle."
Blake: "Well, after Dex left the house last night I thought about what he said about you that I had been too hard on you. Well, I must admit when I first heard that you had hired that diver, Gibson…
Sable: "I don't blame you. Under the same circumstances I might have been equally suspicious."
Blake. "Well, anyway… it's times like this I miss Krystle very, very much. She could handle this sort of stuff much better than I can. Sable, I think that I owe you an apology. Maybe I judged you too quickly. I do know that it's taking me too long to tell you that… that I am sorry."
Sable: "Blake, I have just hired the most marvellous new chef who makes the most sinfully delicious apple crêpes. Do you think that could tempt you? – Good!"

Sable findet heraus, das Alexis ein Bild von Friedrich Stahl besitzt, das Roger Grimes ihr schenkte. Sie spricht mit Blake darüber. In der deutschen Fassung wurden Wörter wie Kriegsverbrechen, Nazi, Hitler und Konzentrationslager vermieden.
(Original) Sable: "It's war crimes, isn't it? War crimes, the family was involved in war crimes, that's it, isn't it?! The collection… it's Nazi treasure! Now, Hitler admired Stahl's work. So he stole everything the man ever painted. I mean from galleries, museums, off the living wall rooms of people he had shuttled into concentration camps. Your father and the others – did they help the Nazis?"
(Deutsche Fassung) Sable: "Es geht also um Schätze aus dem 2. Weltkrieg. Die Familie war während des Krieges in irgendwelche Schiebergeschäfte verwickelt. Die Sammlung… das sind alles Schätze aus Deutschland. Während des Weltkriegs war Stahl bei den Deutschen sehr beliebt, sie kauften alles von ihm. Unwichtig, ob die Bilder gut oder schlecht waren, alles was Stahls Signet trug wurde gekauft. Haben dein Vater und die anderen mit den Deutschen Geschäfte gemacht?"