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Die goldenen Zwanziger - Schnittbericht

La Mirage - Episode 43

Während der Einweihungsparty im La Mirage gibt es zwei Szenen, die in der deutschen Version nicht enthalten sind.

Mark: “What are you doing, Fallon?”
Fallon: “Just taking a break from playing hostess. Thinking about how everything’s turning out tonight.”
Mark: “Big success.”
Fallon: “Hope so. No, I guess I know so.”
Mark: “Good. Then let’s have us another little drink to celebrate, hm?”
Fallon: “Okay. I’ve already used up my quota but just one more.”
Mark: “Heh.”

Krystle: “Can I trust you not to break into a Charleston while I powder my nose?
Blake: “You can indeed, but if they start up with a tango, watch out.”