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The Autobiography of Diahann Carroll – Diahann Carroll with Ross Firestone

Robson Books Ltd., London

Copyright 1986

ISBN 0-86051-391-2

252 Seiten
Diahann Carroll is surely one of the world's most glamorous celebrities, a woman whose name conjures up images both of a New York City chanteuse and of Dynasty's scheming, seductive Dominique Deveraux. Besides being a highly successful and accomplished singer, as an actress she has won a Tony Award, an Oscar nomination, an Emmy nomination and – most recently – superstar status for her role in Dynasty. Diahann Carroll would seem to have it all: a world of luxury and fame, a love affair with success.
But behind the glitter lies a history marked by conflict and tragedy. In Diahann she tells her story with the same introspective honesty that she brings to all her work. She aspired beyond her childhood Harlem but found herself in an entertainment industry where doors were very slow to open for her. Her first marriage crashed around the fury of her nine-year love affair with Sidney Poitier, and later relationships, with men such as David Frost and Robert DeLeon, followed the same pattern of highs and lows as her professional life. There were plush times in Las Vegas and Broadway, and leaner times doing cheap gigs in small and obscure clubs.
Finally, however, Diahann is the story of triumph through perseverance, the story of a woman only now coming to understand exactly who she is. This is a Diahann Carroll far from Dominique Deveraux's jet-set fashions and farflung fantasies. It is Diahann, by herself; a complex and sensitive woman whose bewitching presence continues to enchant us an stage and screen.