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Dex und die Vergangenheit

Ginger snaps – Episode 205

Virginia ist im Carlton bei Sable, weil sie zusammen zu einer Galerieeröffnung gehen wollen. Die gesamte Szene wurde entfernt.
Sable: "Feel a bit lost?"
Virginia: "Yeah. Especially with Krystle gone. I came to Denver because she needed me and now…"
Sable: "She still needs you."
Virginia: "She doesn't need anybody now. I had her for such a short time… and then to lose her again…"
Das Telefon klingelt.
Sable: "Excuse me. – Hello? Well fire him! His pâté tastes like meatloaf and his soufflés are like pancakes. No, it doesn't surprise me to hear that the previous owner loved the chef. My cousin never has had any taste. Maurice leaves the Carlton. Thank you."
Sable legt auf.
Virginia: "I forgot that Alexis is you cousin."
Sable: "Please don't apologize. It's something I'd sooner forget."
Virginia: "I can't imagine Blake being married to someone like her."
Sable: "And I think in retrospect neither can he. Look, if we're ever going to get to this gallery opening… these will be perfect."
Sable zieht ihre Ohrringe ab und gibt sie Virginia.
Virginia: "Oh my gosh! I can't see why... I couldn't…"
Sable: "Yes, you can. You'll pay me back. You know what I'd love? I'd love some copies of the photos you took at the wedding."
Virginia: "Sure!"
Sable: "Especially of Krystle and Blake… and maybe one of Dexter. You took quite a lot of him, didn't you?"
Virginia: "No, I didn't."
Sable: "Yes you did. With Fallon and with Jeff."
Virginia: "I just wanted to make sure I got everybody."
Sable: "Not that I blame you. Dex is quite a specimen. Now he used to be married to Alexis too, you know? She still has her claws in him. It seems that the only way her husbands can be completely free of her… is to die."

Abends fahren Virginia und Sable in ihrer Limousine nach Hause.
Die gesamte Szene wurde entfernt.
Sable: "Men like Dexter… they make wonderful lovers, wonderful. But trust them? Take them seriously? Never!"
Virginia: "I'm not in danger of that."
Sable: "No, you're drawn to him and that's dangerous. Remember that whatever he says to you, whatever he does, his ultimate loyalty is to Alexis. You could say that they deserve each other, but… frankly, nobody deserves Alexis."

Fallon geht mit Zorelli in sein Apartment. Das Ende der Szene fehlt, wie sie sich ausziehen und küssend aufs Bett fallen.