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Der verschwundene Schatz

No Bones about it – Episode 215

Dex und Jeff reden miteinander auf der Terrasse des Carlton-Hotels. Monica kommt hinzu, Dex geht und Adam lässt heimlich von einer Fotografin Bilder von Jeff und Monica machen. Die gesamte Szene wurde entfernt.
Dex: "I think we covered about every inch of the property and what do we come up with?"
Jeff: "Nothing."
Dex: "Right. For months we're hot on the trail of Fritz Heath trying to find out what he's doing to Alexis. Do we learn anything there?"
Jeff: "Not a thing."
Dex: "Then we go into the lake looking for hidden treasure. Did we find it?"
Jeff: "Um-mh."
Dex: "So what do you think we have learned from all these experiences?"
Jeff: "Nothing?"
Dex: "Yeah. Well, when this is over, why don't we – you and I – quit running around being errand boys and work on something together?"
Jeff: "Ha, now that sounds interesting."
Dex: "Keep that in mind. In the meantime I am going to go home and look over these mining charts here. With any luck we may come up with something."
Monica kommt auf ihren Tisch zu.
Jeff: "Monica!"
Monica: "Uncle Dex, hi!"
Dex: "Monica!"
Jeff: "Uncle Dex???"
Monica: "Oh, am I interrupting something? Bad habit I have, you know. I once interrupted Dex and my mother right in the middle of…"
Dex: "Aaah, listen, I'd really love to stay, but... Monica, it's always a pleasure."
Monica: "Oh, by the way, did you and my mother ever get that… business stuff straightened out?"
Dex: "Thank you, Monica!"
Dex geht genervt, Monica setzt sich zu Jeff.
Jeff: "Dex and your mother?"
Auf der Terrasse macht eine Fotografin von einem Ehepaar Souvenir-Fotos. Adam kommt hinzu und sieht Jeff und Monica am Tisch sitzen.
Fotografin: "The pictures will be ready for you this afternoon at the front desk, thank you."
Adam: "Excuse me. Do you see that couple at the other end? I'd like a very nice candid shot, just to surprise them."
Fotografin: "Sure!"
Adam: "No wait, don't shoot… Now, start shooting now!"
Monica: "I'll have another pastry. I'm trying to watch my body."
Jeff: "Yes, so is every other guy in the hotel."
Monica: "Your're so naughty sometimes."
Jeff: "Come on, tell me what… what's going on between Dex and Sable?"
Monica: "Jeff, even if I know, you wouldn't want me to disclose the private, intimate details of my mother's private, intimate social life, now would you?"
Jeff: "Private intimate details? I didn't know that Dex and Sable had any private, intimate details."
Monica: "They don't. I was just joking."
Adam gibt der Fotografin Geld, um ihr den Film abzukaufen.
Adam: "Could I have the film?"
Fotografin: "Sure. – Thank you."

Adam fährt zum Apartment von Elsworth Chisum und trifft dort auf dessen Enkelin Phoenix. Der Anfang der Szene wurde entfernt, wie Adam klopft und in das dunkle Zimmer eintritt.
Adam: "Phoenix? It's Adam!"
Die Tür wird von innen geöffnet. Es ist dunkel. Phoenix hält ein Gewehr auf ihn gerichtet.
Adam: "Phoenix?"
Phoenix: "Come in, Adam. Don't move too fast, please, I'm not good with guns."
Adam: "What… what are you doing?"
Phoenix: "I'm protecting myself. What you were supposed to do for my grandfather. I go away for a couple of hours with Blake Carrington's son and I come back and I find my grandfather dead."
Adam: "Can we turn some lights on and talk about this? – I'm here to help you."