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Der Tote vom See

Body Trouble – Episode 200

Blake und Krystle reisen nach Los Angeles und konsultieren Ärzte der California Neurological Medical Group. Während Krystle mit Dr. Hampton unter vier Augen spricht, wartet Blake auf sie im Wartezimmer. Sable kommt unerwartet herein. Die gesamte Szene wurde entfernt.
Sable: "Blake, hello."
Blake: "Sable! This is… this is no coincidence, is it?"
Sable: "No. No, I knew you were here. - You see... I am on the medical centre's board of directors."
Blake: "This hospital has no right to do that…"
Sable: "Oh, please, don't be upset! Let me explain. Blake, I don't know why Krystle is here. Only that she is."
Blake: "You do know Dr. Hampton?"
Sable: "No. No, not personally. Blake, it's not so unusual, please. Everybody knows the Carrington and the Colby families are linked. So when someone I know here heard that the Carringtons come in for tests, I received a call."
Blake: "This was supposed to be completely confidential."
Sable: "And I did, I promise you. And I won't betray you privacy. It was just that I was concerned. – Please, you do not come to this hospital, let alone Dr. Hampton, with a scratch on the arm."
Blake: "No, no you don't"
Sable: "I understand. And I won't push you. This probably isn't the time, but… there is something I wanted to say to you for years."
Blake: "So? What's that?"
Sable: "How much I regret what happened between you and Jason and how he acted… and that it kept us all apart for so long. You know, for me, it was like losing part of my own family."
Blake: "What I understand, Jason hurt you more than anyone."
Sable: "Yes. Maybe that's true. And maybe that's why I've always admired the devotion that you and Krystle shared. You can't imagine what it means to me to see that kind of love. But that kind of love can survive anything. Even this."
Blake: "I hope you're right."
Sable: "And I hope from the bottom of my heart that everything works out well for Krystle."
Blake: "It has to. Just has to."
Sable: "If there's anything I could do, anything at all, just call. I'd be very happy if you didn't."
Blake: "Sable, thank you very much for coming."

Nach dem Besuch im Leichenschauhaus ist Fallon bei Zorelli auf dem Polizeirevier. Im Original beginnt die Szene mit einer nie wieder gezeigten Außenansicht des Police Department, in der deutschen Fassung ist ein Flachbau mit dem Schild 'Police' zu sehen.

Dex ist wütend, weil er ColbyCos Controller Fritz Heath nicht erreichen kann. Aufgebracht befragt er Florence aus der Buchhaltung. Die gesamte Szene wurde entfernt.
Dex: "Florence, where were you? The first payment was due yesterday. I couldn't reach anyone in your department, not you, not Mr. Heath."
Florence: "I'm sorry Mr. Dexter, I took a day off. I never do that, except that Mr. Heath has been out all week."
Dex: "So I've discovered. Where is he?"
Florence: "I don't know."
Dex: "What do you mean, you don't know? The man is the controller of this company."
Florence: "Yes, Sir!"
Dex: "And he hasn't called in yet?"
Florence: "Last Monday."
Dex: "That was four days ago. Where the hell is he?"
Florence: "He called from Atlanta. He was looking into some newspaper chain Mrs. Colby is interested in."
Dex: "And is he still there?"
Florence: "No, Sir, he ahh… was called away on some personal business."
Dex: "Where?"
Florence: "He didn't say. He gave me a phone number, but it appears to be out of service."
Dex: "This is ridiculous."
Florence: "To tell you the truth, I'm a little worried about him. I've been with Mr. Heath for ten years and never, not once, has he been out of touch with this office."