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Das zweite Gesicht - Schnittbericht

The Mirror - Episode 51

In Port-au-Prince auf Haiti verbringen Fallon und Mark den Abend gemeinsam im Hotel. Sie schauen sich den Sternenhimmel an und flirten. Die gesamte Szene wurde in der deutschen Version entfernt.
Fallon: “There’s the evening star.”
Mark: “Make a wish and tell it.”
Fallon: “Uh-uh. That isn’t fair.”
Mark: “I’ll tell you mine. I wish there were other women in the world like you who could spend the day with me, just talking and listening.”
Fallon: “Nobody’d believe we didn’t go to bed together.”
Mark: “You bet they wouldn’t.”
Fallon: “Strange.”
Mark: “What is?”
Fallon: “My mother.”
Mark: “What do you mean?”
Fallon: “Oh, I was just thinking about how she brought us together. I mean, when she went to New York it was to bring you back to Denver to lure Krystle away. That didn’t work. But still, somehow she got us to meet, to know one another, like one another.”
Mark: “Fallon, I’d like to kiss you.”
Fallon: “Mark, don’t spoil it.”
Mark: “Fallon…”
Fallon: “Shh. I’m gonna make my wish. – Why don’t we go for a walk on the beach? And then I’ll see you to your door.”
Mark: “Ha-ha. all right.”