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Here comes the Son – Episode 216

Nachdem Zorelli Fallon im Carrington-Haus gesagt hat, dass er seinen Dienst bei der Polizei quittieren werde, sitzen sie noch eine Weile in seinem dunklen Wagen und küssen sich. Die gesamte Szene wurde entfernt.
Fallon: "What are you gonna do tomorrow?"
Zorelli: "I don't know. Look for a job. Maybe go to the beach."
Fallon: "This is Denver. We don't have beaches here."
Zorelli: "I was misinformed. - God, I hate to leave you."
Fallon: "Me too. If I hadn't promised the kids…"
Zorelli: "It's okay. – I don't suppose I could talk you into the back seat, hmm?"
Fallon: "No, thanks, I'd much rather stay up here with you."
Zorelli: "That's cute."
Fallon: "Haha, does feel like we're in high school doesn't it?"
Zorelli: "Yeah, and I hate it. I feel like I am seventeen years old and sneaking out with the principal's daughter."
Fallon: "Come on, give Daddy some time, you were the enemy up until now."
Zorelli: "Yeah, that's true. Maybe twenty or thirty years or less with my first name."
Fallon: "Good night."
Zorelli: "Good night. – See you."

Nachdem Tanner und Sammy Jo einen nächtlichen Spaziergang durch die Stadt gemacht haben, bringt er sie nach Hause. Sie kommen auf Delta Rho an und Danny ist noch wach. Die gesamte Szene wurde entfernt.
Tanner: "I probably shouldn't come in this late."
Sammy Jo: "Oh, thank you."
Tanner: "So I bring the kids over tomorrow?"
Sammy Jo: "Right."
Tanner: "You sure?"
Sammy Jo: "Yeah, I invited you."
Tanner: "Right…"
Danny: "Hey, mum."
Sammy Jo: "Danny! What are you doing up?"
Danny: "I was waiting for you."
Sammy Jo: "Oh, you were?"
Tanner: "Danny, how's the fort?"
Danny: "All right."
Sammy Jo (Zu Tanner): "He told you were it was?"
Tanner: "Oh no, that's a secret, but it's a neat place, right?"
Danny: "Yeah!"
Tanner: "No girls allowed?"
Sammy Jo: "That's what I heard. – OK, Danny, why don't you go back to bed and I'll meet you in a minute."
Danny: "Oh, mum…"
Sammy Jo: "I'll be there in a minute. (Zu Tanner) Well…"
Tanner: "I better get going."
Sammy Jo: "All right. Thank you for today."
Tanner: "Oh, the pleasure was really mine."