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Every Picture tells a Story – Episode 202

Krystle wird in Los Angeles untersucht und Virginia trifft sich mit Blake im Krankenhaus. Das Ende der Szene fehlt.

Virginia: "You know, I keep making these bargains. – God, please let Krystle be OK and I'll never complain about anything again. Please make her well. Please make her well and I'll do anything. Can you believe it? I even promised to give up chocolates."
Blake: "I've made the same bargains."
Virginia: "She's gonna make it, Blake."
Blake: "She has to."

Blake erzählt Virginia am Strand, wie er als Kind eine Sanduhr vollständig mit Sand füllte, um die Zeit anzuhalten. Nach ihrem Gespräch fehlt das Ende der Szene, wie Blake Sand durch seine Hand rieseln lässt.

Sable besucht Blake in seinem Büro. Die gesamte Szene wurde entfernt.
Sable: "You seem to be the only one still working."
Blake: "Actually, I'm not. I haven't been coming in much lately and I'm just checking my mail. Adam's been using the office until things get organized. Come in, come in."
Sable: "I could say that I was just in the neighbourhood but… the truth is I wanted to see you."
Blake: "I didn't know you were here in Denver."
Sable: "Well, I'm making a move here, I bought the Carlton."
Blake: "You have!? Well, I'm surprised that Alexis sold it to you. You two dislike each other so much."
Sable: "That hasn't changed. She just didn't realize that I was the buyer."
Blake: "Hah!"
Sable: "I have been worried about you and about Krystle. How is she?"
Blake:"Oh… she's…"
Sable: "I'm sorry, I know what a private person you are. I don't mean to intrude. I'm just so fond of you both. We don't really know each other all that well, but… this makes this other situation so difficult."
Blake: "What other situation?"
Sable: "The man in the lake. - Oh, Blake, after all these times to be confronted with this ugly piece of the past. Seeing his face again must have been horrible for you. I am amazed you kept it a secret this long. Nobody knows how Alexis will react. Blake, I've just seen his picture."
Blake: "His picture?"
Sable: "Hm. With you in it. Fallon had it. She was showing it in public."
Blake: "Sable, I appreciate your concern but frankly I'm a little puzzled by it. I mean first in Los Angeles and now here."
Sable: "Trust me. My concern is genuine. And it's strange that I always have this way of finding myself exactly where I'm most needed."
Blake: "And what is it that you think I need?"
Sable: "A friend, Blake. I think you need a friend."