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Colbys Testament - Schnittbericht

The Will - Episode 39

Fallon und Jeff streiten im Kinderzimmer. Er erfährt von ihren Plänen, das La Mirada umbauen und sich von ihm scheiden zu lassen. Sie gehen auf den Gang hinaus und einigen sich auf getrennte Schlafzimmer. Das Ende der Sequenz, der weitere Verlauf in ihrem Schlafzimmer, wurde aus der deutschen Version entfernt.

Jeff: “Again?“
Fallon: “Yeah, again. And don’t ever imply again, that my baby, my son, isn’t going to get that kind of love and support from me. Because if you do, you’re wrong.”
Jeff: “Oh, am I? And exactly when are you going to shower him with your mother’s tenderness? In your spare time?”
Fallon: “Jeff, why do you always think the worst of me?”
Jeff: “Oh. believe me Fallon. It’s not all that tough.”
Fallon: “Look. What you and I don’t have going on between us is our problem. We’ll deal with that for the time being. But this new toy of mine has nothing to do with my baby. I love him more than my life. What I’m doing now is just a part of my life.”
Jeff: “Your new life?”
Fallon: “Yes, and I’m very excited about it because I’m doing something that I want to do for me. I need to do something fulfilling to be happy. And a happy woman is a better mother.”
Jeff: “Aren’t you just kidding yourself?”
Fallon: “No, I’m not.”

Jeff: “Oh, the hell you’re not. Babies know whether their mothers are around. They can sense it. They can smell it, her perfume, her clothes.”
Fallon: “Jeff, I’m not gonna spend all my days and nights there.”
Jeff: “Just enough time to fit in to your busy lady-executive schedule, right?”
Fallon: “Yeah, that right. I’s called becoming your own person.”
Jeff: “Well, tell me, Fallon. Do you think you could find the time in your executives schedule to attend my uncle’s funeral?”
Fallon: “Cecil died. God, Jeff, I’m sorry.”
Jeff: “Oh, I’ll bet you are. After you made it real clear to me that nobody in the Colby family matters to you. Not me, not my uncle, not our son, nobody.”