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Beyond the Denver Dynasty

Caballero, 1988

An all-star sexual soap opera!

Darsteller: Tom Byron, Buffy Davis, Sheena Horne, Tammy Reynolds, Elle Rio, Rachel Ryan (als Penny Morgan), Randy West, Ona Zee

Caballero Home Video, 1988
Producer Blake Harrington has a horny lifestyle that's wilder than any of the antics on his TV soap opera. It's truly BEYOND THE DENVER DYNASTY... and anything else, for that matter.
The carnal couplings are non-stop! Is amorous Amanda (Sheena Horne) up to no good after she and Blake make passionate love? What about Crystal (Penny Morgan)? Will her sex-antics with Tom Byron destroy her marriage? Can nasty nympho Alexa (Ona Zee) and that insatiable Brazilian bomb-shell Elle Rio be in cahoots? And what about Buffy Davis? She came into Blake's life once. Now will she come again, and again, and again? All these passion probing questions will be answered… but you'll need a score card to keep track!!