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House of the Falling Son – Episode 210

Blake erfährt von Dex, was Adam Virginia angetan hat. Er ohrfeigt Adam, dass dieser die Treppe hinunter fällt. Danach zieht Blake sich in sein Zimmer zurück und sucht Trost, indem er sich Krystles Bild ansieht. Fallon kommt zu ihm. Die gesamte Szene wurde entfernt.
Fallon: "Daddy? Look, I don't know what that was all about, but Adam's your son."
Blake: "He's no son of mine."
Fallon: "Please stop doing this to each other. All of this. This whole family is coming apart."
Blake: "Family? Steven runs off God knows where. Adam drives Krystle's cousin away and won't even own up to it and you… you're cavorting with a cop who's trying to put me behind bars. You call that a family?"
Fallon: "I don't care how many problems we have right now. We are a family and that won't change. – I know how much you miss Krystle. I do too. But as difficult as things are right now, we're here."
Blake: "There are times when I feel that nothing is ever gonna be the same here again."

Abends liest Blake auf dem Sofa Krystina ein Märchen vor. Nachdem sie eingeschlafen ist, gibt er sich düsteren Gedanken hin. Die gesamte Szene wurde entfernt.
Blake: "…and then, Prince Charming took Cinderella's hand and together they walked off to the rousing cheers of everyone in the kingdom…"
Krystina: "…and they lived happily ever after. Right?"
Blake: "That's right. They lived happily ever after. – Krystina, what would I ever do without you? – Everybody's leaving. Everyone I ever cared about, all of them leaving. Your mommy, Steven, Virginia… and Fallon seems to be pulling away too… and Adam. Adam, who I had such hopes for. I don't know what's happing anymore. You're my last hope, my precious. I mustn't fail you."