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Autograph Collector

December 2001

In der Zeitschrift Autograph Collector beantwortete Joan Collins in der Ausgabe Dezember 2001 einen Fragebogen mit zehn Fragen über ihre Fans und das Sammeln von Autogrammen.

Copyright 2001
Odyssey Publications -
A Collectors Universe Company.

AC: What is the strangest autograph request you have ever had?
JC: To sign shoes, baseball bat, champagne bottle.

AC: Are you aware of how large the hobby of collecting autographs has become? How did you become aware?
JC: When I started collecting when I was 8 years old. And I still do sometimes.

AC: Do you sign autographs when asked in person? If so, do you limit the number of items per person?
JC: Yes depending on situation – time permitting.

AC: Are there any upcoming events when people might be able to get your autograph in person?

AC: How do you view people who pose as fans, but actually sell the autographs?
JC: Not well at all.

AC: Are there any famous people whose autograph you would want?
JC: Marilyn Monroe, Greta Garbo, Winston Churchill.

AC: Do you collect anything?
JC: Camels in all shapes and forms.

AC: Are there any items you refuse to sign?
JC: Nude pictures of myself.

AC: How much do you think your autograph is sold for?
JC: No idea!